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Our Commitment to Helping You Achieve
Your Goals is Unwavering

Our Firm Is
Founded on Shared Seeds of Compassion

Before merging, founders Rick and Lyman had their own independent practices. The two met at a Dana-Farber Institute pro bono training that provides free financial coaching to cancer patients and their families.  Rick and Lyman recognized their joint desire to serve and care for others, eventually uniting to form Financial Planning Solutions, LLC in 2013.

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We’re Devoted to Attentively
Addressing Your Needs & Concerns

Financial planning is a lifelong endeavor that requires guidance from a well-qualified and empathetic CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional. We take this role further by being your confidant and adhering to a high standard of service that blends strategic thinking with a personal approach.

Here’s What You Can Expect When Working With Us

                                                     An experienced professional that provides easy-to-understand solutions

                                                     A strictly fiduciary approach. Your needs always come first.

                                                     Transparent fees that are disclosed before we start working together.

                                                     Thoughtful answers on a timely basis

                                                     Unwavering commitment to your goals

Do You Resonate With Our Values?

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