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Our Weekly Blog

Don’t make the holidays a gift to hackers Thumbnail

Don’t make the holidays a gift to hackers

You’re at the coffee shop waiting to meet a friend or family member. So, while you’re waiting you decide to check your bank and investment account balances. This is not a good idea. Public Wi-Fi networks—whether you are at the mall, library, a restaurant or a bar— typically are not secure. That means that any information you are looking at on your phone or laptop could be intercepted and viewed by someone else. Save your financial check ins for when you are on a known, secured network such as at home or work.

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Uncertain Times Thumbnail

Uncertain Times

As human beings, I think we all like the idea of certainty. Most of us don’t welcome change and the thought of what might happen (Especially if we perceive the outcome to be bad) can really make us uncomfortable. Whether uncertainty is lurking in our relationships, our home life, our jobs, and if you watch the news as of late, our finances, it takes us out of our comfort zone.

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Your Divorce is Final.  Now What? Thumbnail

Your Divorce is Final. Now What?

"Monica"1 came to me after her divorce was final to learn if she was going to be okay financially now that the dust had settled. Monica, a mother of two boys, ages 14 and 16 worked part time in marketing and was also receiving spousal support from her ex who was an orthopedic surgeon. When they were married, they lived a very lavish lifestyle and even though her ex had a very high income, they didn't have much in savings. Private school for the boys, two to three expensive vacations a year, two car leases at over $1,000 each a month. Etc. etc Interestingly, Monica was actually "better" with money than her ex. Higher income doesn't always equate to better financial decisions.

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