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Our Weekly Blog

The new climate bill and what you can do Thumbnail

The new climate bill and what you can do

We are already seeing the effects of climate change with record-setting heat waves, out of control wildfires in Western US and around the world, deadly flash floods, devastating hurricanes, and rising sea levels which are threatening homeowner’s and our infrastructure. And this is just the beginning. In the future, these events are expected to intensify causing even more damage.

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Don’t Pay Taxes Twice  Thumbnail

Don’t Pay Taxes Twice

They can still make an IRA contribution, but they can’t deduct it. Since they already paid tax on the $6,000 (Maximum contribution limit if under age 50) they each put in their respective IRA’s, when they take the money out years later, they would only pay tax on anything above the $6,000 they each put in.

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Making summer count Thumbnail

Making summer count

After being cooped up for winter and COVID, getting outside is one of the most enjoyable things about summertime. Being outside usually means you are more active but it often means that you are spending more time with nature.

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Why did my Medicare premiums go up? Thumbnail

Why did my Medicare premiums go up?

As a primer, when one is turning 65, they should apply for Medicare. This is true whether they are collecting Social Security yet or not. One can opt for Original Medicare which consists of Part A (Hospitals) and Part B (Doctors) and Part D (Prescriptions). Some folks choose to go with a Medicare Advantage plan that combines these parts and could have lower monthly premiums.

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Protecting your home while on vacation Thumbnail

Protecting your home while on vacation

Ahh, summertime: The time of vacations, getting away, seeing family or friends, and relaxation. But not being home can sometimes be a problem, too. Whether it is an opportunity for thieves or a burst water heater, being away from home means you’re not there to keep an eye on things. Here are some tips to protect your home or apartment while you’re away.

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