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Our Weekly Blog

Where are the best places to invest my cash? Thumbnail

Where are the best places to invest my cash?

ash typically includes money in a checking or savings account, certificates of deposit, short-term US Treasury securities such as T-bills and money market funds. These are all relatively stable investments and highly liquid. This is especially important for your Emergency Fund as emergencies require immediate and unrestricted access to cash. If you have to wait more than a few days to access your emergency fund, it may not be the most appropriate investment.

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What is IRMAA? Thumbnail

What is IRMAA?

Have you ever heard of the term: IRMAA (Income-Related Monthly Adjusted Amount)? Chances are you may not - unless you are currently enrolled in Medicare Part B or in Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage. IRMAA is the monthly surcharge on Medicare B and D premiums based on the recipient’s income. If you are subject to IRMAA, the cost of your health care premiums in retirement can be significantly higher than you may have expected. The surcharge amounts are adjusted every year for inflation.

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Estate planning isn't only for the wealthy Thumbnail

Estate planning isn't only for the wealthy

We've all read or heard the stories: someone passes away without a will, and potential heirs engage in a drawn-out legal battle that can take years to resolve. The emotional toll is immeasurable, with relationships suffering irreparable harm that can last for generations.

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6 ways to cut taxes at mid-year 2024 Thumbnail

6 ways to cut taxes at mid-year 2024

By early summer you have probably filed your taxes, seen your refund (if there was one) and deposited it to your bank. Now you can forget about taxes until next April, right? Well, I think you know the answer to this question. In fact, now is one of the best times of the year to review your tax situation and make adjustments.

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