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Our Weekly Blog

5 Things to Consider Before Moving in Retirement Thumbnail

5 Things to Consider Before Moving in Retirement

Even though you can count on climate change to make northern winters a little less cold and snowy, is moving to a Sun Belt state the best move for everyone in retirement? What’s not to like: warm winters, no snow and ice (mostly), and a new adventure. Hold on before you literally jump into that warm pool in a southern state!

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Do You Need a Renters Insurance Policy? Thumbnail

Do You Need a Renters Insurance Policy?

Do you rent your home or apartment, or have family members who rent? If so, do you/they have a renters insurance policy in place? Many renters don’t think about a renters policy, but it is important. While you don’t own the property where you live, you own the property inside. If there was a fire or flood - or if your home were burgled - a renter's insurance policy can help cover the costs of replacing clothes, computers, and other valuables. The value of liability coverage cannot be underestimated. If a visitor or repair person injures themselves, you could face a personal lawsuit. A policy can also reimburse you for living expenses if your rental property becomes uninhabitable.

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