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Our Story

It Started From a Place of Compassion

In 2008, a trustee of Dana Farber Cancer Institute had an idea.  What if there could be a program that could provide free financial coaching for cancer patients and their families?  

The Financial Planning Association of New England teamed up with Dana Farber to see if this was something that patients would find valuable.  Rick, a past president of the FPA of New England,  raised his hand along with a few others to implement a pilot program.  The first five patients chosen confirmed what that trustee thought.  This program would be a success!

A few years and a couple of hundred patients later,  Lyman heard of the program and joined the group of these dedicated coaches.

Rick and Lyman met at one of these trainings.  As they got to know each other, they soon realized they shared a compassionate approach which first and foremost, put their clients' needs above all else.  After many conversations, Rick and Lyman, after decades of running their respective practices, decided to join forces and founded Financial Planning Solutions, LLC in September of 2013. 

Today, the Dana Farber initiative has helped over 640 families to date.  All at no cost to them.  Rick's role as liaison allows him to not only oversee the program but to also work closely with passionate coaches like Lyman.

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