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Our Weekly Blog

Easing into retirement Thumbnail

Easing into retirement

For those over the age of 60, the U.S. ranked 10th out of 143 nations in happiness. Canada edged out the U.S., grabbing 8th place. In case you are wondering, Denmark topped the list. Will you be receiving Social Security? Does your spouse or partner have any savings? Will you have any other income such as rental income or a pension? Are you able to reduce expenses in retirement? Are you planning on any part time work in retirement?

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How can I get my kid off my couch? Thumbnail

How can I get my kid off my couch?

When I graduated from college, I was fortunate to have had enough savings and part-time work to pay for my four years and make it to graduation day. But after college I spent the first year or so in a bad job, living on a friend’s sofa, and paying off credit card bills. Money was tight and not working or taking a gap year abroad was never an option for me. The pressure to earn money and pay my bills was there for many years.

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Avoiding Computer and Internet Scams Thumbnail

Avoiding Computer and Internet Scams

Scammers may disguise or “spoof” an email address to make it look like it has been sent from someone you may know. You may receive a spoof email that looks like it is coming from a friend or family member who needs money to deal with an emergency.

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Maximizing Your Social Security Thumbnail

Maximizing Your Social Security

The two extremes seem to be, take Social Security as early as possible (Usually 62) as you might die or there won’t be any money left in the system for you, or wait until you are 70 (The longest one can wait) so you maximize your benefit,

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5 Things to Consider Before Moving in Retirement Thumbnail

5 Things to Consider Before Moving in Retirement

Even though you can count on climate change to make northern winters a little less cold and snowy, is moving to a Sun Belt state the best move for everyone in retirement? What’s not to like: warm winters, no snow and ice (mostly), and a new adventure. Hold on before you literally jump into that warm pool in a southern state!

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Do You Need a Renters Insurance Policy? Thumbnail

Do You Need a Renters Insurance Policy?

Do you rent your home or apartment, or have family members who rent? If so, do you/they have a renters insurance policy in place? Many renters don’t think about a renters policy, but it is important. While you don’t own the property where you live, you own the property inside. If there was a fire or flood - or if your home were burgled - a renter's insurance policy can help cover the costs of replacing clothes, computers, and other valuables. The value of liability coverage cannot be underestimated. If a visitor or repair person injures themselves, you could face a personal lawsuit. A policy can also reimburse you for living expenses if your rental property becomes uninhabitable.

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