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Hope and Action Thumbnail

Hope and Action

When choosing between hope and action I tend to lean towards action.

One can always hope they will have enough money to retire. Or hope their kids will have enough money to go to college. Or hope nothing bad will happen.

We always hope that life will go this way, but life is not always like that.  Therefore, taking action is key.

I’ve been helping folks reach their goals for over 30 years and one thing I’ve learned.

Those that leave things to chance, are generally not successful.

I think my own dad, went the “Hope” route. 

He died at 53 leaving a 47 year old widow.  Did he intentionally decide to not have a comprehensive financial and estate plan?

I doubt it.  My dad did many things right.  He was an excellent saver, always lived within his means, and died with zero debt.

I think like many, he felt he just had more time.

A couple of weeks ago, a client of mine died suddenly.  As far as we know, he wasn’t sick.  He was in his early 60’s.

Did he go the “Hope” route?

No. Years ago, we put a plan in place to make sure he would be on track to retire as well help ensure his estate would transfer to others on a timely basis with limited cost.

Conversely, a few months ago, I met with a woman who had the arduous task of settling her elderly mother’s estate.

Let’s just say, this could possibly take well over a year and incur all sorts of legal and tax costs.

This all could have been avoided.  But one must take action.

I realize we have busy lives but in the time it takes to binge watch a Netflix series, one could ensure that are on track to meet their goals and not leave a mess behind for loved ones to clean up.

It’s easier than you think. 

Don’t leave things to chance.  I urge you to reach out to your financial planner and estate lawyer and get the ball rolling.

Have questions or something I may be able to help you figure out, schedule a quick complimentary call with me by clicking HERE to see my online calendar.

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All the best.

Rick Fingerman, CFP®, CDFA™, CCPS®



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