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Stranger things can happen Thumbnail

Stranger things can happen

The unexpected. The unplanned. The scary.

Season 3 of the Netflix series Stranger Things was released over the weekend of July 4th to the delight of my teenage sons. The popular sci-fi horror series featuring a group of teenage friends living in Hawkins, Indiana has been a big hit. Set in 1983, the first season focuses on the disappearance of young boy amid supernatural events.

My wife and I have taken up watching the series as it is reminiscent of our childhoods and many familiar things of that era. If you are a fan of the 1980s pop culture as I am, it is a real treat: the music, clothing and events of that period are all in full view.

Satisfyingly, each season has ended with the scary monsters put away and the teenagers back to being teenagers and having fun.

However, real life is not always so neat and clean. A lot of things can change in unexpected ways over a lifetime:

  • Marriage
  • Birth of a child (or triplets!)
  • Job loss or, a job relocation separating you from your spouse and family
  • Unplanned private secondary school expenses for your child
  • Career change, e.g., dad switches to become the ‘stay at home mom’ and mom brings home the bacon
  • Parents that move in with their adult children or need ‘round the clock care
  • The end of a marriage

… And the list goes on.

Some of these changes can be pretty stressful.

Even when we develop a comprehensive financial plan, we are not always able to consider every unexpected twist and turn that life may bring. But we do make our best efforts to prepare for scenarios that might happen to you or that you are worried about. In fact, much of our planning is designed to prepare you for big things you may not have even considered.

While we don’t have the secret to defeating a demogorgon, we believe we can work together with you to be prepared for the unexpected.

We can’t answer questions about ‘the upside down,’ but we’ll try to help on financial matters that we know a lot about.1 Give us a call. We can help.

Lyman H. Jackson



1 ‘The upside down’ is the alternate world described in the Stranger Things Netflix series.

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