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The Vacation Recharge Thumbnail

The Vacation Recharge

Two thousand and twenty will go down as a very different year for most of us: For many, the novel coronavirus will be inconvenient; for some it will be a hardship; and for a few it will be a crisis. 

We are very lucky. Most everyone in our family and among our friends are healthy and employed. We have little to complain about. 

As I write this, I am sitting on a deck overlooking Lake Winnisquam in Sanbornton, NH. The sun is bright with just a few puffy clouds on the horizon. It is supposed to be a hot one with the temp climbing into the 90s. I expect that we’ll be cooling off in the water several times today followed in late afternoon by an ice-cold craft beer and then dinner on the deck.  

This is a trip with my wife’s family that we’ve been taking for more than 20 years. Some people travel to different places every year but this trip is a constant for us. Our kids, ages 22, 19 and 16, and their cousins look forward to every year. 

Social distancing has made this trip less comfortable as many things had to chance to keep everyone safe but, for the most part, everyone is enjoying being together.  

One the nice things about vacation is that it can gives us the opportunity to reflect on what’s important. I hope that you find a way to carve out this important time, too. 

Our lives can get pretty busy every day and it is easy to forget about our purpose, our families and all that we have accomplished. 

Recently I had a conversation with one of my neighbors who was talking about how discouraged he is about the impact of the virus and our current political system. He seemed to think that his efforts were insignificant. 

I asked him if he could remember a teacher that he had in secondary school or college that had really made a difference in his life. Before I could finish the sentence, he had a name and a story to go with her. I reminded him that, just like the teacher that left a lasting impression on his life, he should never underestimate the impact that he is having. It is likely that someone has taken note of his efforts and that could be making a difference in ways he may not imagine. 

Use your summer reflection time wisely and enjoy! 

Lyman H. Jackson



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