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Think past May 1st --> Real college planning is looking long term Thumbnail

Think past May 1st --> Real college planning is looking long term

Don’t let the date May 1st raise your blood pressure😬. If your child is a high school senior, you’re likely well aware that this is your child’s deadline for selecting their home for the next four years.

But hey, don’t stress it. Here’s four things you may not be thinking about that can help guide your family’s decision of balancing fit and finances.

  1. Think past May 1st --> College is a long-term decision
    1. Take a step back and think big picture. You may be fixated on the next four years, but put this decision in perspective with your child’s long-term goals
    2. Questions you’ll want to ask yourself:
  2. Be careful of the “red carpet” on your college tours 🧐
    1. Everyday student life often looks a lot different than the look around campus of accepted students day
    2. Look more into the day to day of students on tours:
      • Check out the classrooms, students in group meetings and day to day exchanges of students while walking around campus
      • Weather: It has a big impact on perception of a school on a tour. Don’t let a rainy day take away from what a school may have to offer!
  3. Look past college rankings. How about job placement? 🤝
    1. I grant you permission to nerd out. Spend some time looking through post-grad employment stats at different schools. The pricey piece of paper that your child will receive will go a long way to helping them find and succeed at that first job
    2. Career services are not overrated. Ask the tough questions around internship, student networking and career fair opportunities with schools
  4. Don’t put #socialstatus before finances
    1. While you may want to slap a sticker from the prestigious school on your back windshield, we encourage you to think big picture about your family’s finances 🌎
    2. The school that’s a great fit for your child that will also save them thousands of dollars in loans after graduation >>>> Now that’s something to brag about at a cocktail party 👏

What questions do you have with your child’s college decision?  Feel free to reach out, I’m happy to help!

All the best,

Andrew Holmes, Certified College Planning Specialist™



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