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Financial Planning for Widows

After the loss of a spouse, it can be a very stressful period and we have seen folks make irreversible mistakes with their finances during this time.  It is important to work with someone that specializes in this type of work so you can avoid these mistakes.  Our compassionate approach starts with a complimentary call.

Where do we start? 

Here is how our time-tested process works:

Step 1

Initial Meeting

We start with a 20 minute complimentary call so we can learn more about what is really important to you. If it appears we are a good fit to work together, we go to Step 2. If it turns out we aren't, we're happy to offer referrals to others that may be a better fit.

Step 2

Discovery Meeting

On this second call, I've reviewed your financial documents in advance of this meeting.  We spend this time to talk about your concerns and review some numbers so we can make sure your plan is sound and covers your needs.

Step 3

Presentation Meeting

Your finalized plan is presented along with an action plan and recommendations. The plan brings you all the way up to the point of implementation.

Step 4

Implementation Meeting

In this meeting, we have our "To Do" list, and I will help you step by step check off items we have agreed to.  This could be calling an attorney, CPA, insurance company, or investment firm together.  It doesn't get done at once but little by little, working together, we get it done.

Interested in our Helping Widows Program? 


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