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 Personal Long Term Care Planning Webinar

Long Term Care Specialist, Leni Webber

Time:      Wednesday, November 8th at 12 pm EST

FPS will be offering an educational webinar on Personal Long Term Care planning given by LTC Planning Specialist, Leni Webber. During the webinar you will learn about the actual costs for long term care services, what long term care choices are available to you, and how to design your long term care plan. Leni will share some examples of actual long-term care plans and their features. You will also learn about whether it makes sense to pay for care yourself, or to consider long-term care insurance.

Leni Webber is committed to letting others know the options available so that they can make the best possible plans and avoid catastrophic financial loss and emotional upheaval. Her article, “COVID-19 And Long Term Care Planning”, co-authored with Margie Barrie, appeared in the March 2021 issue of Broker World. She was recently cited in Think Advisor, in an article regarding uses of long term care insurance with affluent clients. She has presented to law firms, financial planning firms and financial planning organizations on numerous occasions.

 Please RSVP to maggie@planwithfps.com if you would like to attend.

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