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Preparing for Divorce

Helping individuals find confidence in the financial decisions of a divorce

I know that divorces can be messy and I want to make sure I'm taking the steps today to prepare my finances for this change.


Pre- Divorce Case Study

Preparing for Divorce

 Laura and Joe

AGES: 45 AND 48

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What's Keeping You up at night?

How will my lifestyle change post-divorce?

How much will I have left post divorce and can I afford to stay in my current home?

What will my finances look like post-divorce?

After child support, alimony and my income, will I have enough to meet my basic living expenses?

Will I get my fair share in a divorce?

I feel like my finances are more complex than a simple division of assets. How do we fairly evaluate what we own?

We Can Help Answer These Questions And More!

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