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Student Loan Planning

Student loans are complicated. Not only is finding the right payment method important, but it's also critical to analyze how the pathway that you choose with your loans will have significant impacts on the other aspects of your finances (ie. your taxes and retirement planning). And that's without looking at how your student loan payments will change as your life changes (getting married, having kids and buying your first home). You can think of creating your student loan plan as bringing everything together. We'll take a detailed look at not just your loans but your complete financial picture to determine your best path forward.

Your student loan plan will cover eight planning areas, as applicable:

  • Student loan planning 
  • Cash flow, budgeting and balance sheet planning
  • Investment planning
  • Home purchase planning
  • Employee benefits and insurance planning
  • Income tax planning and tax filing strategy
  • Retirement planning
  • Estate planning

Your student loan plan is the blueprint to reach your goals and live out your values. But after the plan is constructed, how will you keep your finances on track? Life tends to be full of surprises. For continued support, learn more about our Wealth Management Program.

Where do we start? 

Here is how our financial planning process works:

Step 1

Initial Meeting

We start with a 30 minute complimentary call so we can learn more about your loan situation and other financial goals. We'll get a sense of what is really important to you and if it appears we are a good fit to work together, we go to Step 2.

Step 2

Discovery Meeting

We'll discuss what you would like to accomplish. We have reviewed your loans and other financial documents in advance of this meeting so we can spend the time really focused on you and your goals.

Step 3

Draft Meeting

In this meeting we review a draft of your current financial picture. We confirm all of your numbers and assumptions, and discuss scenarios to model in your finalized plan.

Step 4

Presentation  Meeting

Your finalized plan is presented along with an action plan and recommendations. The plan brings you all the way up to the point of implementation.

Interested in Financial Planning? 

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