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Wealth Management

A comprehensive financial plan provides a great base for organizing your financial house. Just as spring cleaning your garage becomes muddled by mid-summer, planning your financial future requires ongoing attention to stay on track.

In addition, your finances are always changing. When you land a new job , get married, have kids, send them off to college, receive an inheritance or just want to retire, your personal finances change. Do you have the time and expertise to adjust our financial plan along the way? What is the best way to minimize taxes in the process? How will your decisions in one area impact your other goals?

Our Wealth Management Program provides a proactive and experienced approach to your finances, so that you can stay ahead of life’s surprises. Whether it’s a change to your job, your family, or if “life happens”, we are here to help you prepare and make adjustments and keep your plan on track. So where can we help you?

Starting out – What is the best way to pay down my student debt? What are the tradeoffs of doing what I want to do vs what I can afford? Should I consider relocation? How do I begin to invest for retirement?

Getting married – What is the best way to merge finances? Should we continue to rent or buy a house?

Having a family – What would happen to my family if I couldn’t work or die? Life with kids is expensive: what are the best strategies to build long term wealth?

Job / career change – What do I do with my old 401(k)? Are there financial decisions I should consider before leaving my old job? How do I make my money last if I have an extended job search?

Divorce - How can I determine a fair division of assets? What are the tax implications? How can I save money with an attorney or mediator?

Planning for college – What rate of savings do I need to provide for college? What schools should I consider based on my student’s interests and academics as well as our  family’s financials? Do I need to take out loans, and if so, which loans make the most sense? Can you help with my teenage kids who don’t want to hang out with us…. maybe not.

Moving up in the workforce - How do I make the most of my executive compensation structure? Are there strategies to reduce my tax bill?

Closing in on retirement -  How much do I need to save to retire the way I want? What are the best ways to maximize my retirement savings?

My next chapter – What’s the best way to set up a retirement income plan that replaces my paycheck? Will my savings last? What investment approach makes the most sense to me? What is the most tax-efficient way to distribute my wealth?

Golden years - How do I want to spend my time in retirement? Will it be a hassle for my kids to inherit my estate? Am I taking steps to make sure my estate plan is tax-efficient?

Specific Services

Retirement Planning

It’s what you’ve worked your whole life for. Whether it’s traveling to places on your bucket list or finally getting the opportunity to spend time with friends and family, having confidence around your retirement and the way you want to live it is extremely valuable.

Whether your post-work days are not quite in sight or right around the corner, you may feel uncertain about the best way to approach a satisfying retirement. After all, retirement often is the biggest financial decision of a person’s life.

We help individuals plan for their retirement by creating a strategy that balances their current financial needs with their future desired lifestyle, income needs, and more. Retirement planning solution answers:

  • How do I know that I have enough?
  • When can I retire?
  • Will my money last?
  • What return do I need?
  • How much should I save?
  • How can I replace my paycheck?

 And when things change, we’re here to help you make adjustments so that you stay on track.

Investment Management  

You’ve diligently worked to build your assets and want to use your hard-earned money in the wisest way to achieve your goals and dreams. You want to set up an investment portfolio to best suit your financial situation and reach your life vision. You have certain hopes for your investments and preferences on how your money is allocated.

You deserve a financial planner that can understand exactly what you’re looking for. We seek to balance your goals with your comfort level and need for return. After an initial meeting to understand your perspective on investing and your unique desires, we provide the following:

  • Ongoing, proactive investment management
  • Complete implementation and account consolidation
  • Ongoing monitoring against risk and performance targets
  • In-person Annual Review and ad-hoc meetings, as needed
  • Fee-based advice that is not influenced by investment commission

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