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Financial Planning

Financial planning (and a great holistic financial plan) is like a blueprint for building your ideal financial life.

It will become your roadmap to help you achieve your goals, dreams and aspirations while still navigating life's uncertainties. It's about making informed smart decisions today for a more secure tomorrow.

Not only is it important, it is essential.

What will a financial plan do for me?

  1. A Financial Planning Solutions™ plan will empower you. Financial planning brings clarity to your financial situation. It helps identify where you stand currently and sets a clear direction for where you want to go.
  2. Help You Achieve Your Goals.  Whether it’s buying a home, funding education, retiring comfortably, or traveling the world, financial planning tailors a roadmap to reach your specific objectives.
  3. Help You Mitigate Risk.  Life is unpredictable, but a solid financial plan helps mitigate risks. It’s about preparing for the unexpected to safeguard your financial well-being.
  4. Give You Peace of Mind: Knowing you have a plan in place provides a sense of security and confidence, allowing you to focus on living your life to the fullest.

We are Certified Financial Planner™  practitioners.  Everyday, we are helping clients work toward the goals that are important to them.

Here are some of the areas that your personal financial plan could include:






Cash Flow

Paying for College

Company Stock

Pre & Post Divorce

Social Security



Student Loans

Charitable Giving

Where do we start? 

Here is how our financial planning process works:

Step 1

Initial Meeting

We start with a 20-minute complimentary call so we can learn more about what is really important to you and if we’re a good fit to work together. If not, we are happy to refer you to another professional. At the end of this call, we'll provide you with an estimate of the cost of your personal financial plan.


Step 2

Discovery Meeting

In this meeting, we've reviewed your documents ahead of time. This allows us to delve deeper with a clear and shared understanding of exactly what you would like to accomplish. We'll review your current scenario and ensure we have an accurate representation of your current financial state.

Step 3

Draft Meeting

In this meeting, we'll review the current status of your finances and how things may look if no changes are made. Based on this, we'll suggested potential adjustments that can be made to get you to a better place financially.

Step 4

Presentation  Meeting

Your finalized plan is presented along with an action plan and recommendations. The plan brings you all the way up to the point of implementing your plan and carrying out our recommendations.

Your financial plan is a roadmap to help you achieve your goals, dreams, and aspirations while still navigating life's uncertainties.  It's about making informed smart decisions today for a more secure tomorrow.

$2,000 - $7,000 depending on the complexity of your plan

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